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Post seeks editor, writers for G.A. reporting team

The Washington Post is hiring an editor and several writers for a new General Assignment reporting team that will identify and pursue stories of the moment.

Reporters on the team, which will report to Justin Bank, should be comfortable handling multiple topics on a given day. We want stories that reflect, lead, or in some way serve the online conversation.

This group will be called on to do everything from highlighting a particularly newsworthy photo/video/graph to rounding up top-shelf reporting that can inform our readers on complicated topics. Reporters must have a demonstrated talent for taking advantage of social opportunities and the latest web tools. Original reporting and speedy execution is expected and will play a vital role in providing context amid the Internet chatter.

We need hungry reporters who want to write and think digitally. If interested please send a resume and links to clips to Justin.Bank AT washpost DOT com and Tracy.Grant AT washpost DOT com.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

Diversity and Inclusion is essential to The Washington Post. It stimulates innovation, business growth and the connection to our community; which in turn ensures delivery of the best content, products, and services to our consumers.

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