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Wesley Lowery joins National Political Team

Announcement from Cameron Barr, Anne Kornblut, Steven Ginsberg and Chris Cillizza:

We are thrilled to announce that Wesley Lowery of the Boston Globe will be joining our political team covering Congress as part of our online strike force, contributing primarily to The Fix and Post Politics.

Wesley has the unique skill set that positions him perfectly for this role. During his time in Boston he distinguished himself on both political and breaking news coverage. He was at MIT, tweeting from the scene of the police officer’s shooting as well as covering the Watertown shootout two nights later. He covered  the 12-candidate Boston Mayor’s race, writing breaking news and features for digital and print. And he was one of two reporters to lead the coverage of Odin Lloyd’s  murder and the subsequent arrest of New England Patriots’ star tight end Aaron Hernandez, a story he’s likely to revisit for us once the trial starts this spring.

Wesley has reported for the Los Angeles Times and has interned at the Globe, the Wall Street Journal,  the Columbus Dispatch and the Detroit News. He describes Twitter, on which he has more than 18,000 followers, as a reporter’s notebook for a 21st century journalist and enjoys karaoke. He’ll join us Feb. 3.