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Job opening: Wizards Reporter

The Washington Post sports department is looking for a new reporter to cover the Washington Wizards. This is one of the highest-profile beats in Sports, and that profile may increase if the team continues its improvement. Ideal candidates will be willing to work long hours covering an 82-game regular season (41 of them on the road), as well as the off-season. They will be lively, clean writers who can write informative analyses, features and game stories on deadline, break news on trades, injuries and other developments, and grow the audience for the Wizards Insider blog. They should be active on social media and enjoy interacting with fans and readers.

If interested, contact Matt Vita matthew.vita@washpost.com , Dave Larimer  David.Larimer@washpost.com, Matt Rennie matthew.rennie@washpost.com or Tracy Grant tracy.grant@washpost.com by June 27.

Job opening: Editorial Copy Editor

The Washington Post Editorial Department is looking for a versatile copy editor who enjoys dealing with a variety of subjects and can satisfy our wide-ranging responsibilities.

Our copy desk handles op-eds, blog postings, letters to the editor, editorials and columns, preparing them for publication in print and online. We then go beyond traditional copy-editing duties by designing and publishing our own print pages (17 a week) and handling our own web production.

The successful candidate must be able to shift speedily and smoothly among these roles, always with a bias toward prioritizing online publication. She or he will have outstanding editing skills and a knack for writing lively headlines. Because everyone on the desk takes a turn as slot and fills in occasionally as letters editor and op-ed editor, experience directing colleagues effectively and collegially and working directly with the public is useful.

This position will include daytime and evening hours and, on occasion, working weekend days. (Our desk is staffed 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. weekdays and reduced hours on weekends.)

To apply or for more information about the position, contact Scott Butterworth (scott.butterworth@washpost.com), Fred Hiatt (fred.hiatt@washpost.com) or Jackson Diehl (jackson.diehl@washpost.com) no later than June 24.

The Post seeks a features producer

The Washington Post Features staff is looking for a producer/editor/writer who will play a crucial role in expanding the audience for all features content across the fourth floor, explore unique ways stories can be told digitally, and create dynamic daily content.

All candidates should be multi-taskers with digital savvy, strong writing and editing skills, and an enthusiasm for the wide range of topics covered in Features (arts, entertainment, lifestyle and cultural stories as told through blog posts, dailies, short- and long-form enterprise).

Duties will include: Creative and sometimes experimental web production, content creation and promotion across sections, working with visual and multimedia elements to complement daily content, contributing to the Style Blog and helping to develop and maintain a dynamic social media strategy, editing articles and blog posts.

Interested candidates should contact Liz Seymour (liz.seymour@washpost.com), Mitch Rubin (mitch.rubin@washpost.com), David Malitz (david.malitz@washpost.com) or Tracy Grant (Tracy.grant@washpost.com) by June 9.

Job Posting: Deputy National Political Editor

The Washington Post is seeking a deputy national political editor to join our growing team. We’re looking for someone with the ambition and ability to strengthen our digital journalism and dramatically broaden its reach.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The new editor will be directly responsible for the vision and execution of Post Politics and GovBeat, which are at the core of our daily digital report, and help shape the direction of our other political and government blogs. The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of politics, a strong sense for what online audiences crave and the ability to drive coverage in a fast-moving and competitive news environment. The editor will oversee two teams of dedicated reporters; just as importantly, she or he will deploy a combination of ideas, charm and authority to solicit frequent contributions from the full political staff.

Working closely with the other members of the politics desk, the successful candidate will help lead the strongest group of political journalists in the country as we complete the adoption of a digital-first metabolism and mindset. 

Interested candidates should contact Steven Ginsberg (steven.ginsberg@washpost.com), Anne Kornblut (anne.kornblut@washpost.com) or Tracy Grant (tracy.grant@washpost.com) by June 13.

Wesley Lowery named NABJ’s 2014 Emerging Journalist of the Year


“Wesley is a tremendous journalist who has made an immediate impact in every newsroom in which he has worked. Wesley is intelligent, passionate, tremendously hard working, and insightful, with a maturity beyond his years. His reporting skills have allowed him to cover some of the most important and compelling stories in recent memory including the Boston Marathon Bombings, the Aaron Hernandez case, the Trayvon Martin case, the Christopher Dorner manhunt, the 2012 presidential election, and Massachusetts’ 2013 special election for the U.S. Senate,” said NABJ President Bob Butler in a press release.

Post Staffers honored by Maryland-Delaware- DC Press Association Awards

Announcement from Local Editor Mike Semel:

The Post did quite well at the annual Maryland-Delaware-DC Press Association Awards. The winners were announced at a lunch on Friday.

The Post’s “Best in Show” winners were Tom Boswell, Petula Dvorak, Alberto Cuadra, Laris Karklis, Whitney Shefte, Brad Horn and Jayne Orenstein.

Other first-place winners were Debbie Cenziper, Michael Sallah, Steven Rich, Paul Duggan, Rick Maese, Emma Brown and Katie Myrick.

The winners were from almost every staff at the paper. Congratulations to all.

New job opening: Local enterprise reporter

The Washington Post’s Local Enterprise team has an opening. This is one of the Post’s premier reporting and writing teams, a group dedicated to every form of storytelling across every platform: breaking news, accountability reporting, lede-alls, how-we-live-now pieces, profiles and long-form narratives.

Enterprise reporters must have both fast-twitch and slow-twitch journalistic muscles, able to produce great reads in two hours, two days or two weeks, depending on the assignment. They must be engaged in the news and jump in whenever asked on breaking stories like the Navy Yard shooting, the government shutdown, the sequester, heinous winter weather  or the disappearance of 8-year-old Relisha Rudd, to just name a few.

Our enterprise reporters frequently help anchor coverage for the web and/or print, making their ability to collaborate with colleagues hugely important. They are expected to come up with compelling story ideas – and ways of telling stories — that will appeal to readers on every platform, and deliver A-1 quality reporting and writing.

They often produce ambitious runs of coverage on subjects as varied as the expansion of casino gambling in Maryland, the Baltimore prison guard scandal, the Redskins name controversy and the Naval Academy rape case.

Like everyone in the Post newsroom, local enterprise reporters must think beyond print, finding new ways to tell stories for our growing digital audience. Being creative and able to work effectively with photo, video, graphics, design, the homepage and social are crucial.

If interested, please contact Mike Semel (mike.semel@washpost.com), Monica Norton (monica.norton@washpost.com), Lynda Robinson (Lynda.robinson@washpost.com or Tracy Grant (tracy.grant@washpost.com) by May 23.         

 We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

Diversity and Inclusion is essential to The Washington Post. It stimulates innovation, business growth and the connection to our community; which in turn ensures delivery of the best content, products, and services to our consumers.

Three Post investigative reporters honored with RFK Journalism Award

Announcement from Investigative Editor Jeff Leen:

Congratulations to Debbie Cenziper, Michael Sallah and Steven Rich for winning the prestigious 2014 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award in the Domestic Print category for their series, Homes for the Taking: Liens, Loss and Profiteers. The awards recognize outstanding reporting on issues that reflect Robert Kennedy’s dedication to human rights and social justice, and his belief in the power of individual action. Winning entries provide insights into the causes, conditions, and remedies of human rights violations and injustice. Print awards are given in only two categories, Domestic and International.

WashPost seeks two reporters for Style section

The Washington Post is looking for two new reporters for Style: a general assignment reporter and an arts reporter, both geared for our growing national audience.

The general assignment reporter will be a versatile and engaging writer who is able to offer quick, unique takes on the news of the day. We want someone who can identify new, important, human and quirky angles in the news cycle and grab those moments to shine. This writer will help us explain to people how they can think about the world around them, and how we’re all living our lives. We want someone available to go places to do scene reporting in the moment and to tackle the news through a feature-driven analytical lens. Making readers laugh out loud is a big plus.

For the arts reporting position, we want someone who can respond to news and write with depth and speed. The best candidate has a broad reach to write on topics as diverse as the Minneapolis Orchestra’s efforts to rebuild, summer concert ticket prices and the Detroit Institute of Art’s fight to keep its collections. They must be able to jet in and out of situations at a moment’s notice, acquire sources quickly and research public records in a competitive environment.

If you’re interested, please contact Liz Seymour (liz.seymour@washpost.com) or Tracy Grant (tracy.grant@washpost.com) by May 23.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

Diversity and Inclusion is essential to The Washington Post. It stimulates innovation, business growth and the connection to our community; which in turn ensures delivery of the best content, products, and services to our consumers.

Job Opening: Digital Editor/Producer for Opinions

The Washington Post Editorial Department is looking for a digital editor-producer for its Opinions section.

The job plays a crucial role in connecting many of The Post’s best-known writers with a wider online audience, and the ideal candidate will have digital savvy, sharp editorial judgment, solid editing skills and fluency in – and enthusiasm for — politics and policy.

Tasks include: Develop and maintain a dynamic social media strategy; work with other departments to promote our content; copy-edit blog posts; respond to breaking news; do web production and work with Wordpress and Methode; create innovative multimedia features; write newsworthy and traffic-driving headlines, and keep up with trends in digital media.

Some evening and weekend hours will be required. If you may be interested please get in touch with Fred Hiatt (fred.hiatt@washpost.com) or Jim Downie (james.downie@washpost.com) by Monday May 16.