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The Post’s Metro staff seeks a religion writer

We are looking to enhance our coverage of faith and spirituality by adding a creative, big-thinking, digitally driven journalist to the Social Issues team. A successful candidate would be able to tap into the faith conversation on social media and the Web for local, national and global faith news and would be able to write with speed, accuracy and voice, posting to the web several times a day and also writing for print. Ideally, you’d also have experience reporting on faith topics or at a minimum, you’d appreciate the human drive to find larger meaning in life. The person who gets this job would understand the opportunities to build a vast audience for religion news online, and also work closely with faith and spirituality reporter Michelle Boorstein on breaking news and enterprise.

This is a full-time position based in the downtown newsroom.

If you’re interested, please contact Sydney Trent (Sydney.trent@washpost.com) Monica Norton (monica.norton@washpost.com), Mike Semel (mike.semel@washpost.com) or Tracy Grant (tracy.grant@washpost.com) by Oct. 15. ​

Video Producer Position Open at The Washington Post

Post TV is looking for a fulltime video producer to shoot, produce and edit political videos for The Washington Post. 

Responsibilities for this position include conceiving ideas for and shooting videos, mostly in and around Washington DC. This person should have a keen sense of politics and its key players, but have the ability to break down concepts and explain complicated issues. The producer will be able to come up with creative story pitches that make politics easily digested. The candidate will have an innate ability to make seemingly non-visual stories into videos with data visualization skill sets and creative ideas for graphics, shooting and editing. Candidates must be familiar with Final Cut Pro X and knowledge of AfterEffects (or other graphics/animation data software) and be able to conduct interviews, write scripts and blog posts to go with their videos.  The ability to see a project through from start to finish is essential from story boarding and visualizing to producing and final touches. Other daily duties include participating actively in weekly story ideas, occasional travel to produce video pairing for the 2014 campaign and editing for day-of video.

Ideal candidates have a bachelor’s degree in journalism, three years newsroom experience and a track record of outstanding work under pressure.  Applicants must also have sound news judgment, demonstrated experience in new media, creating innovative videos and a hunger to create something new.

Interested candidates should contact Alice Rhee (alice.rhee@washpost.com) Jonathan Forsythe (jonathan.forsythe@washpost.com) or Tracy Grant (Tracy.grant@washpost.com) with resumes, cover letters and links to recent video work by Oct. 10..

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

Diversity and Inclusion is essential to The Washington Post. It stimulates innovation, business growth and the connection to our community; which in turn ensures delivery of the best content, products, and services to our consumers.

Job openings on Design staff

The Washington Post has openings on its Design team. This designer will be working on deadline in a fast-paced environment throughout the newsroom — from the A-section to Metro to Style and other weekly sections.

The Design team is responsible for the design of the newspaper and its magazine, and contributes to the Post’s digital apps and long-form enterprise design. These positions will be heavily involved in print, but every designer on the staff is also designing for digital products. Designing for projects and even A-1 will be expected.

The ideal candidates must have the ability to design print and digital projects which are bold, surprising and energetic, while balancing navigational clarity and section pacing and adhering to The Post’s standards of accuracy and news judgment. Proven skills with photojournalism, graphics and typography are essential. We place a premium on collaboration and expect designers to be catalysts for creativity. Our designers are expected to be self-starters who add value to stories using alternative formats, are able to articulate reasons for design decisions, and can take initiative in planning processes to make The Post’s projects as strong as possible.

Four years of publication experience is required. The position will include evenings and weekend work. Proficiency in Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator is required.  Experience with Eidos Methode and digital design a plus. 

If interested, please contact Design Director Greg Manifold, Deputy Design Director Brian Gross or Senior Editor Tracy Grant by October 9.

Post reporter reflects on Chicago past, violent present

"When I was growing up, it seemed like black folks all lived on the same striving pages, but there were always those who violated our sense of community and the good things we wanted to believe about ourselves. It took hyper-vigilance, all those “grown” eyes, to keep the neighborhood in balance. When the eyes moved, grew old or closed for good, so did our neighborhoods."

Washington Post reporter Lonnae O’Neal Parker returned to the South Side Chicago neighborhood she grew up in, searching for answers and hope in a summer of gunfire.Read her full story.

Photos accompanying the story by Jon Lowenstein.

Job Posting: Reporter for The Fact Checker

The Washington Post is looking to hire a reporter to join Glenn Kessler on the Fact Checker blog, which in just three years has grown to be one of the most influential and popular fact-checking operations in the country.

We need someone who is enthusiastic about seeking the truth, whether checking a campaign ad, a statement by the president or a movie that claims to be about real events. The ideal candidate will be a journalist who is agile on all digital platforms. 

Previous political reporting experience, with a demonstrated ability to dissect complex policy issues, is an asset. A thick skin is essential: No one likes to receive the dreaded Pinocchios.​

Working with Glenn, this reporter will play a key role in developing our Truth Teller video and will collaborate with PostTV on other fact-checking video segments. 

Interested candidates should contact Glenn Kessler at glenn.kessler@washpost.com or Tracy Grant at tracy.grant@washpost.com by Sept. 19.

Washington Post seeks copy editor

The Washington Post is looking for an energetic copy editor with a flair for headline writing, a strong understanding of language and style and a familiarity with SEO, linking and working on Web files. Our desk handles copy across news platforms, including print, Web, smartphone and tablet. In addition to editing stories and blogs, tasks include writing captions for photo galleries, crafting digital summaries and proofing interactive graphics and other Web projects.

The hours for this position are generally 3:30 to 11 p.m. We are seeking candidates with at least five years of copy-editing experience at a mid- to large-market news organization. If you are interested, please contact Multiplatform Editing Chief Jesse Lewis (jesse.lewis@washpost.com) Deputy Multiplatform Editing Chief Courtney Rukan (courtney.rukan@washpost.com) or Tracy Grant (tracy.grant@washpost.com) by September 19.

Job Posting: Editorial Copy Editor

The Washington Post Editorial department is looking for a versatile copy editor who can play a key role in bringing new readers to our commentaries and analysis.

Our copy desk handles op-eds, blog postings, letters to the editor, editorials and columns, preparing them for publication in print and online. We go beyond traditional copy-editing duties by designing and publishing our own print pages (17 a week) and handling our own web production.

The successful candidate must be able to shift speedily and smoothly among these roles, always with a bias toward prioritizing online publication. (If you’re short on page-design or web-production experience, don’t fret: So were most of us when we started. We can train you on what you’ll need.)

She or he will have outstanding editing skills and a record of writing lively, engaging headlines. Because everyone on the desk takes a turn as slot and fills in occasionally as letters editor and op-ed editor, we value experience directing colleagues effectively and collegially and working directly with the public. A keen interest in politics and policy — Editorial’s bread and butter — is also prized.

This position will include daytime and evening hours and regularly working one weekend day. (Our desk is staffed 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. weekdays and reduced hours on weekends.)

To apply or get more information about the position, please contact Scott Butterworth (scott.butterworth@washpost.com), Fred Hiatt (fred.hiatt@washpost.com) or Jackson Diehl (jackson.diehl@washpost.com) no later than Sept. 4.

Capital Business seeks digital editor

The Washington Post’s Capital Business is looking for a digital editor-producer to oversee digital strategy and manage special projects. This is an ideal position for someone who is eager to experiment with new ways to serve readers. The Capital Business team writes daily for The Washington Post and produces a weekly publication focusing on the region’s business community. We power the On Small Business, On I.T. and Digger blogs and produce CapBiz A.M., a morning e-mail newsletter rounding up the day’s local business headlines. We also produce special reports on topics such as Top Workplaces and the Post 200.

We’re looking for someone who can continue to improve upon all these outlets and help us create new ones, especially as we work to serve readers who reach us on mobile devices. This individual would be our point person on digital strategy, keeping us current on the latest innovations. The ideal candidate would be a strong copy editor, someone who can improve stories and write engaging digital headlines, all while juggling daily and weekly deadlines. The editor-producer also would manage our social media outreach and oversee our expanding roster of special reports.

Those interested should contact Dan Beyers at Daniel.beyers@washpost.com or Tracy Grant at tracy.grant@washpost.com by Aug. 19.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

Diversity and Inclusion is essential to The Washington Post. It stimulates innovation, business growth and the connection to our community; which in turn ensures delivery of the best content, products, and services to our consumers.